Home (2019)

Installation 400 x250cm
Found objects from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro (wood from original houses, domestic objects from the 50’s and 60’s of the last century, pieces of ceilings), clay, terracotta pigments, pencil.
The installation called "Home" was exposed at Despina in Rio de Janeiro. This installation was a product of my coexistence at favelas in Rio de Janeiro. It presents metaphors about the way vulnerability is experienced in relation to housing but also to the body in the city. The objects used for its construction recall many stories of survival and resistance. With them I wanted to construct
my own “barraco” (traditional old precarious favela hut). With this installation I also created a space where I represent my own vulnerability within this very hard city. Many small clay pieces made to “protect” my hand and fingers, interact with the wall corner in search for balance. I like to challenge the stability of all pieces. One piece, a yellow hand, is the support for a big found
object. This piece can break at any moment because of its not baked clay condition.