"Chicha Flow"


Chicha Flow installation deconstructs the thoughts and associations I have in relation to Peru, the country where I was born and grew up. I observed my connections with others, with the diverse knowledges that co-habit in the country, and the antagonisms and polarizations in the social life of Peru, where power dynamics cohabit within the intersections of class, race and gender.

“Chicha” the word in the title, is a drink made of corn, but the word also refers to the cultural mix of the Andean Cosmovision with the values of the Western city. The sculptural installation is made with ceramics, and experiments with glazing materials such as oxides, pigments, engobe and glaze of course. Within the installation diverse microcosmos are communicating to each other about the mythical, abundant but also complicated social landscape. This sculptural installation has the power to sow light for the stories repressed by coloniality, and it aims to contribute to a symbolic reparation. For more information about the content of the work, please go to the blog section of this website.